Online concerts are one of my new favorite things! I will be performing announced & unannounced concerts on Concert Window from the comfort of my home direct to your screen of choice. I'm really excited about this new format & being able to deliver music directly to music lovers without a commute or other hassles of doing live gigs at commercial venues. You are invited to attend & if you enjoy the music, please tip to the extent you budget allows. Thanks!

Here is a link to two songs from my first online concert: Aural Elixir on Concert Window.

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I have finally learned how to work Word Press, hooray! Now, in addition to my old blog posts here, on Blogger, & other various areas online, I am officially writing a semi-regular, not-normal, Aural Elixir blog on my word press site, The Aural Elixir Blog. Stop by, say Hi, leave a comment or three. Soon, I may even figure out how to import it right into, maybe, eventually, you know, me & technology,... whatever you do, don't hold your breath. Peace & Love!

Support Aural Elixir & gain access to all sorts of special material & secret songs! Check out my new Patreon page & find a level of support that works for you. Thank you! ‪#‎indie‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎supportthearts‬ #singersongwriter #avantgarde #jazz #rock #pop #folk

Excerpt from the Patreon page: 

     I like to play live shows but find the experience limiting & have once been fired for being "too creative." To which I replied, Thank You. I will be using this Patreon platform to connect with true music lovers and supporters of the arts. As you enhance my life (& keep me able to create full time with being forced to experience homelessness) with occasional or regular monetary contributions, I hope to enhance your life with musical audio & video offerings as I continue to explore and expand the boundaries of modern music. You will find a range a rewards for different levels of patrons and I am open to your comments and suggestions. I am also interested in lists of your favorite songs, your favorite paintings, your favorite books, your favorite wild animals, your favorite vegan recipes (I'm vegan!), & most importantly pictures of your cats, dogs & other furrkids. Really, anything you would like to share, I am here for you. 
Gratefully Yours, 
        Jesse, Aural Elixir

What are some of the rewards for becoming a patron of Aural Elixir?

Pledge $1 or more per month
For just one dollar per month you will have exclusive access to my favorite new video of the month!

Pledge $5 or more per month
$5 a month will allow you access to at least three exclusive videos as well as patron notes & behind the scenes specials.
Pledge $10 or more per month
$10 every month will allow you full access to all patron content, special videos, new songs, behind the scenes pictures, secret blogs, all of it as well as my enduring gratitude for your support and encouragement.

Pledge $25 or more per month
$25 every month will allow you full access to all patron content, special videos, new songs, behind the scenes pictures, secret blogs, all of it as well as my enduring gratitude for your support and encouragement. As an extra bonus, at this level of support you have the option of a private 15 minute Skype or telephone concert or chat as well as a special haiku or poem written just for you.

Pledge $50 or more per month
$50 will get your name officially listed on my website ( in the Music Lovers Hall Of Fame! Plus, every month you will have full access to all patron content, special videos, new songs, behind the scenes pictures, secret blogs, all of it as well as my enduring gratitude for your support and encouragement. As an extra bonus, at this level of support you have the option of a private 20 minute Skype or telephone concert or chat as well as a special haiku or poem written just for you.

Pledge $100 or more per month
For $100, you can choose the next cover song & I will perform it, Aural Elixir Style.

*All other rewards are included for this level of support, especially my enduring gratitude!

Pledge $300 or more per month
For this reward, I will create an Instant Octopus, fully improvised piece, and then privately release it to you & you can have the option of sharing or keeping it all to yourself. Please note, Aural Elixir and Jesse Maclaine will retain all the rights to any Instant Octopus music.

*All other rewards are included for this level of support, especially my enduring gratitude!
Pledge $500 or more per month
I will create a custom song for you. I will retain all the rights & ownership of this song but you can contribute some words or ideas or just know that song was especially for you.

*All other rewards are included for this level of support, especially my enduring gratitude!


Hello dear fans, friends & music lovers!

     I am so excited about Aural Elixir's new, soon to be released EP, 12/10/15 Live in Denver. We were able to capture an electric night of new music & I can't wait to share it with you. This album is super rocking & thanks to the excellent drumming of Ryan Elwood, these songs really shine. Soon this all original, semi-improvised, rock-jazz-funk-pop goodness will be available for everyone to enjoy! In a week or two, I will have news about pre-ordering and some Release Party dates. For now, check out the new You Tube videos & share the Elixir with all of your friends. 
Also on Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, Blogger, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & more, @auralelixir.
     New music, new gigs, spring is in the air! Ah-choo! Before I sign off, I want to remind you that I will be playing in the Denver area on Saturday & Sunday, March 19 & 20. Here's the details:

Saturday, March 19, @6PM-7PM

Pop Up Eats & Art Festival
The Collection Gallery 9801 East Colfax
Aurora, CO 80010
Price: Free
The festival starts at 1 & Aural Elixir headlines the night @6PM until the party is over & we turn out the lights.
Free beer, local art, food trucks, live music, fun, fun, fun!!!
Sit down and Grab a bite to eat at the Collection while you browse and shop in the Aurora Cultural Arts District. Check out the Real Deal Vendor Show. Get some awesome St. Patty's weekend free beer Samples from Mu Brewery. Free admission, but you gotta pay to play and eat! Door prizes throughout the day!
The Mercury Cafe
Solo Instant Opus Sunday Brunch - 10AM
2199 California St.
Denver, CO 80205
Price: No cover charge.
A Sunday brunch concert with Aural Elixir at The Mercury Cafe! I Love this place. Everything is delicious, the vibe is super groovy bohemian, the people are delightful and the desserts are to die for, unspeakably good. I will be playing their beautiful piano, mostly instrumental, mostly improvised, jazz-pop-classical type music. A little solo piano instant opus Sunday brunch anyone?
Hope to see you soon IRL. Peace & Love!
Jesse, Aural Elixir

     Wow, December already? I've had a busy November but more about that next time. Hope you are doing well, feeling good, staying healthy & getting happy. I'm writing today to invite you to the AuralElixir concert this Thursday at Herman's Hideaway in Denver. Most of the winter, I will be composing instead of going out & about doing gigs, so this is one of just a few chances to catch me live & show your support for local, original music.

     AuralElixir & more at Herman's Hideaway, Denver, Thursday, 12/10/15! New songs, old favorites, a funky fresh melange of musical fun! Come see us on a big stage, you can even dance under the fab disco ball. We would really love your support for this show so Come Out! Show starts at 7:30. $10 tickets or mention the secret word "Dweezil" for half off at the door. www.auralelixir.com

     I have started the annual Free Song Downloads & I will tell you more about that in the next email. Check out for free songs, new ones every few days! I still have a few dates open if you need some live music for your holiday party, please let me know. As always, I would love to hear from you on social media. Whatever your fancy: Instagram @auralelixir, Twitter @auralelixir,  Thanks for being you!

Peace & Love,
Jesse, AuralElixir

***Now Announcing Aural Elixir's Borrowed Keys Tour! Serenading solo, strange & familiar songs from Florida to Colorado, Feb/Mar. 2014. Why carry a big, heavy piano myself when my friends & fans are so awesome & willing to loan me their keys? Life is grand, like some of my favorite pianos. Just me & my microphone, no heavy lifting, ahhh...this tour is going to be the best one yet! Please visit the calendar page for more details. See you soon, I hope! ***

Wow, I'm so pleased to inform you that my new CD is finally available!!!


Full preview of Aural Elixir's 5th CD "Partially Domesticated Amazon: Exposed!"


Now available on soundcloud & for your listening pleasure!


Or you could support indie music, chip in toward my next project & get your very own copy RIGHT NOW via instant download starting at only $15!!! Triple points, do good, feel good & get yourself some new music!


Recorded live in New Orleans with Jesse Maclaine-piano/vocals, Andrew Wolf-upright bass & Johnny Vidacovich-drums, engineer-Tim Stambaugh at Word Of Mouth Studios, March 15 & 16, 2011. Mastered in Boulder by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering. All songs composed by Jesse Maclaine. No edits or over dubs, all is "exposed."

Happy New Year Y'all! I hope you are enjoying 2013. So far, mine has been nice and ever so busy. I'm a little late in getting my first email out this year but I'm hoping you don't mind. I've got quite a lot of news to share!


   I have just uploaded a new Aural Elixir Piano Ninja video with Jane Uitti on violin. We play the Tori Amos song Siren, click this link to watch it: It is a pure pleasure and a privilege to play with such a talented, classically trained musician like Jane. I feel truly blessed to have met her and that she has taken such an enthusiastic approach to my music, this Aural Elixir thing that I do. The video was recorded by Charles Gammill last Friday in Longmont, CO at the Sun Rose Cafe. There are a few more videos from that night coming soon. I will try to email you but if you really want to stay connected please consider joining the Aural Elixir subscribers on youtube, the party on facebook or follow us on twitter


     Greetings! Happy winter time to you all! Aural Elixir has just a few solo shows in December and January; December 6 at the Lyons Fork, December 28 at La Vita Bella in Longmont and January 25 at The Sun Rose in Longmont. You can get more details on the calendar page, it's only a click away (find the tab above). Come out and get cozy in these wonderful intimate venues that all offer a great assortment of tasty treats and comfy seats.

     Aural Elixir is spending some quality time this winter hibernating in the studio, finishing production of our fourth studio CD, "Partially Domesticated Amazon." This will be the first release in a conceptual trio of releases exploring the production and perception of a variety of treatments to the same set of songs. I spent the last ten years crafting these songs which explore various archetypal relationships and discuss the universal themes of love, friendship, conflict, loss, faith, introspection and inspiration. Rock, funk, jazz, soul, blues and classical music all influence the sounds of these recordings which were made over a period of two days in 2011 at Word of Mouth Studios in New Orleans with me (singing/piano) and local luminaries Andrew Wolf (bass) and Johnny Vidacovich (drums). Keep your ears peeled as we will release some exciting previews of those sessions and some bonus recordings from 2012 featuring Lynn Drury, Alex McMurray, Casandra Faulconer and of course the best drummer in the world-Johnny Vidacovich. Thanks for reading and warm wishes for a safe and joyful Holiday season!


Peace, love & music,


 Jesse & the magical elves of Aural Elixir


Announcing Aural Elixir's Don't Fall 2012 Tour!

   In October & November, I have been invited to perform solo Aural Elixir shows at selected venues in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico. Please check the Calendar page for more details. I am so excited and ready to enjoy the many blessings of travel, playing music and spending time with old and new friends. I hope to see you out there!

   And yes, I am still trying to raise money for the new CD project, "Aural Elixir 3 Ways: Partially Domesticated Amazon, Exposed."  There are more details on the blog page and you can find the chip-in link below. If you can't chip-in, you can still show your love by following Aural Elixir on, or Without you, music would be lonely and sad. So, THANK YOU for showing up and supporting live music.

Wishing You Plenty of Peace, Love & Music,


Hey y'all! How has your June been going? Hope you have been able to enjoy some spring weather because summer may be upon us before we know it. I've got lots of exciting news to share with you today!

   We are hard at work mixing the songs we recorded in New Orleans last year. This is a very different album than any we have ever made in the past. Over the next few years, three different versions will be released...

Hey y'all! How has your May been going? Hope you have been able to enjoy some spring weather because summer may be upon us before we know it. I've got lots of exciting news to share with you today!

Happy Spring Elixir friends & delightful listeners! The “Leap Into Mardi Gras 2012 Tour” was thrilling, challenging and highly stimulating. I am grateful to my many helpers for making the tour go swimmingly but no actual swimming, maybe for summer tour, check back later for details. This girrrl needs to go west, oh yes.


Happy New Year Everybody! Well, it was a very exciting 2011 and 2012 is shaping up to be even better. Some of you may know that Aural Elixir recorded a new cd during 2011 at the legendary Word Of Mouth Studios with the help of New Orleans luminaries Andrew Wolf (bass) and Johnny Vidacovich (drums). We have a few different plans but at the moment we are preparing to release the first edition of these sessions. It's a huge project and we will be sharing more news on that as it develops.

   2012 will continue to see Jesse at her weekly solo Aural Elixir show in Lyons at the wonderfully delicious Smokin' Dave's Barbeque and Taphouse. Additionally, we will be doing some regional touring around the U.S. starting with a quick February tour from Colorado to Florida & back, with a brief stop at home in New Orleans for Mardi Gras! As usual, we will be posting live tracks, videos and pictures free for all of our online friends at this website and the others.

For all the latest schedule information please visit us at

or or just check back here.

Thanks for listening!

So, I'm taking a class about women in ancient history and I decided to share a piece with you. If you are interested in this sort of thing, I highly recommend the book, "The Other Half Of The World" by Carmen Myrtis-Garcia.

    Thousands of ancient artifacts depicting female images suggest women played a pivotal part in human development. Until humans began breeding animals around 6000 B.C., man's role in procreation was unknown. Women were believed to create life parthenogenetically as well as then nourish that life from their breasts, thus they were revered. Also, there was no medical explanation of menstruation so that too was regarded as magical, mysterious and divine. Artifacts from rituals show that females were the spiritual leaders of their prehistoric...

Sorry everybody (especially Rebecca!) I used to have big font but at some point it shrank to wee teeny scribble! Oh no, shrinkage!!
   I think I've fixed it. And now I'm dedicating these lols to the memory of my friend & yours, Thelonious The Cat. And encouraging everyone to "make adoption their first option." And if you aren't ready for the big commitment then your local animal rescues are always in need of more foster homes. More on that later, make room for lolcats. jesse out.

I watched a documentary recently called "Crazy Love." Wow, really bizarre! I don't want to tell you much about it because it was really well put together & suspenseful & shocking. The things people do are amazing and sometimes just unbelievable.

    That said, I also haven't shared any lolcats for awhile so here are a few to lighten your face...cheer up sunshine, happiness is but a smile away!

Technically, I've been told, the Aural Elixir Piano Ninja Series is a video podcast but I'm not convinced yet. Who is the cast of this pod, are they union, what sort of pod are we talking, bean, pea...maybe I'm actually involved in a podcats, meow!
A little AEPNS backstory:

I just need something in the middle. I've got mood swings, lots of them, even in print, email and so on. Sometimes I need to express a semi-exclamatory sentiment.


A notch above a period but not the almost aggressive exclamation point. !




! So phallic and dirty & sometimes just too much. But then the period can be so understated.





Look closely, you're libel to miss it....i could make an anatomical reference but then I might be another entry in the Vagina monologues and well maybe watching Lois Lane scream "cunt" was a life-changing experience...maybe not...going to the theatre is fun. i did a lot more free associating in college. n't that so, picklefeathers?


Anyway, I just want a new punctuation mark to be invented...who do I talk to about that? Besides y'all? Not that I don't appreciate your indulgence of my whimsy. Thank you for reading my nonsensical & often redundant jibberish, may...

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