Announcing Aural Elixir's Don't Fall 2012 Tour!

   In October & November, I have been invited to perform solo Aural Elixir shows at selected venues in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico. Please check the Calendar page for more details. I am so excited and ready to enjoy the many blessings of travel, playing music and spending time with old and new friends. I hope to see you out there!

   And yes, I am still trying to raise money for the new CD project, "Aural Elixir 3 Ways: Partially Domesticated Amazon, Exposed."  There are more details on the blog page and you can find the chip-in link below. If you can't chip-in, you can still show your love by following Aural Elixir on, or Without you, music would be lonely and sad. So, THANK YOU for showing up and supporting live music.

Wishing You Plenty of Peace, Love & Music,


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