I just need something in the middle. I've got mood swings, lots of them, even in print, email and so on. Sometimes I need to express a semi-exclamatory sentiment.


A notch above a period but not the almost aggressive exclamation point. !




! So phallic and dirty & sometimes just too much. But then the period can be so understated.





Look closely, you're libel to miss it....i could make an anatomical reference but then I might be another entry in the Vagina monologues and well maybe watching Lois Lane scream "cunt" was a life-changing experience...maybe not...going to the theatre is fun. i did a lot more free associating in college. n't that so, picklefeathers?


Anyway, I just want a new punctuation mark to be invented...who do I talk to about that? Besides y'all? Not that I don't appreciate your indulgence of my whimsy. Thank you for reading my nonsensical & often redundant jibberish, may you have an abundance of treats coming your way & only a very tiny amount of tricks.

kitty kisses,



Oh and as promised last time:

Introducing Baron Mihr Von Munchenfussen!!!!!!!!!!!

(we hired a dwarf for him to nap upon. he loves Grumpy's beard!)

This original picture is posted at http://www.myspace.com/auralelixir/blog.

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