Technically, I've been told, the Aural Elixir Piano Ninja Series is a video podcast but I'm not convinced yet. Who is the cast of this pod, are they union, what sort of pod are we talking, bean, pea...maybe I'm actually involved in a podcats, meow!
A little AEPNS backstory:
I struggle with the intention of finishing projects but some never even get started, just stuck as concepts or procrastination. I've wanted to do some live video stuff for a while now and I figured I should just do it! As opposed to waiting for the budget and production company to arrive on my doorstep with a Vanilla Latte & gluten free Snickerdoodle! :)
And so in all of it's rawness, The Aural Elixir Piano Ninja Series will be a journey for the next year to various pianos in all sorts of locations, sometimes I may see a place i like and bring the plastic to sub for the missing piano. This Piano Ninja doesn't have finances available for make-up, costumes or staff so expect nothing fancy, it's almost like my own super low budget reality show on E! If only I could meet Kathy Griffin, that would be cool... Besides, if I wanted to make Aural Elixir's Perfect Song Video Series then that's what i would do but where's the fun, honesty and adventure there? I don't know but I do know that I'm super excited to share this silly musical journey with you, shshshshshsh. Now who knows where i put my ninja mask?

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