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Offbeat Magazine describes Aural Elixir's unique sound as "... Joni Mitchell’s sly and perceptive confessional meets Fiona Apple’s confrontational doomed romantic, with little hints of Tori Amos’ gonzo earth mother and Carole King’s practical warmth."


Displaying a wide spectrum of influences, Aural Elixir is known for fun, eclectic, beautiful and distinctive music. Born from the diverse musical melting pot of New Orleans, Aural Elixir has been delighting audiences for over twenty years with original and cover songs, traversing the boundaries of rock, jazz, pop, folk, funk, blues, latin, and soul music. Classical training, jazz sensibilities, and decades of experience as a professional entertainer empower Jesse Maclaine to craft each Aural Elixir performance to be uniquely customized for parties, weddings, festivals, public performances, and private events. From intimate gatherings to gigantic celebrations, music makes everything better.


In addition to concert bookings, Aural Elixir is now accepting orders for custom songs, soundtracks, vocal overdubs (lead or background), vocal or piano/keyboard performances and recording sessions, private parties, and music lessons. Rates are reasonable! For more information, please contact Jesse: jesselixir@gmail.com or 720-442-0789.


Music makes everything better!



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