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Ms. Maclaine on stage, in the spotlight at Cafe Istanbul Performance Theatre's baby grand piano with eyes closed, head tilted slightly back...into it

Aural Elixir is an innovative rock/jazz/folk/pop band (and solo artist) created by singer-pianist-composer Jesse Maclaine in the late 90's in New Orleans, now based in Denver, Colorado. Jesse Maclaine shares her musical gifts hoping to help people feel better and create lasting positive change in the world; "Music makes everything better!" is the central theme and motivation for Aural Elixir's art rock, chamber, folk jazz melange of sonic magic. Renown for diverse, beautiful, and distinctive music, Aural Elixir performs over 100 concerts a year, traversing musical genres, sharing stories, and touching hearts everywhere she goes. Critics, colleagues, and audiences of all ages rave about Aural Elixir's creativity, compelling songs, refined musicality, dynamic range, and stellar talent!

In April 2018, Aural Elixir opened for Melissa Etheridge on 4/20 at Denver's International Church of Cannabis! Never one to shy away from musical adventures, Jesse's regional and national tours performing Aural Elixir music have led her to work with Grammy award winning engineers like David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, and share stages with truly remarkable musicians like Johnny Vidacovich (Bobby McFerrin, Charlie Hunter), Ryan Elwood, Lynn Drury, Alex McMurrayCarlo Nuccio (Tori Amos, Emmylou Harris), and many more.


Aural Elixir music is popular on radio stations across the country (like our fav WWOZ New Orleans!) as well as on internet radio and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and iHeart Radio. Last year Ms. Maclaine was commissioned to score a musical for a popular Colorado based production company, and this year she has officially completed that project... her first musical! Also in 2017, Jesse produced and released the 6th Aural Elixir CD, a live EP entitled "Better" and she is touring nationally and internationally, sharing her new music while also working on a series of singles to be released in 2018 and beyond. Also in 2018, she has founded the Musical Women Show and Social Hour to increase visibility of women in music and strengthen the Colorado community of professional and aspiring female and female identified musicians. As if that's not enough, this year Jesse has begun composing her first symphonic piece, due for release next year, "St. Gertrude's Symphony for Cats." 

At just 21 years old, shortly after she moved to New Orleans, entrepreneuse and visionary Jesse Maclaine dreamed of an adventurous, refined yet light hearted multi-genre musical group balancing both complex arrangements and improvisation - a vehicle for her to express her panoply of musical interests, artistic fancies, social commentary, and tales of real or imagined experiences - so she founded Aural Elixir. While the Crescent City remains an indelible influence, Aural Elixir has been based in Colorado for over a decade.

Ms. Maclaine sits happily between a baby grand piano and a Yamaha keyboard with one hand on each instrument, a chandelier sparkles overhead.

Jesse Maclaine has dedicated her life to being a musical pioneer with Aural Elixir - successfully composing, performing, recording, and producing music which defies categories and uniquely shines as a refreshing alternative to the derivative, over-produced music that dominates our modern world. Classical training, jazz studies, pop sensibilities, and decades of experience as a professional entertainer inform Jesse Maclaine's compositions and performances, empowering her to craft each concert into a spectacular special event. 

Aural Elixir is currently accepting concert bookings, commissions for custom songs, soundtracks, short term or ongoing composition projects, vocal overdubs (lead, background, or multiple parts), private parties, music lessons, workshops, songwriting coaching sessions, freelance vocal/piano/keyboard performances and recording sessions. Feel free to contact Jesse with any questions or for a complimentary consultation and estimate: or 720-442-0789.

Music makes everything better! 

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