Aural Elixir

"You've Changed" (extended version) Aural Elixir, Cafe Istanbul, NOLA, 2017.


"Where Is My Mind" a Pixies cover.


"Hallelujah" Boulder, CO, 2016



"Ask Your Angels" at Vegfest, Golden, CO 2017

"Maybe" at Herman's Hideaway, Denver, CO, 2015.


"You Smile, I Smile" at the Mercury Cafe Denver, CO, 2017.

 "Sweet the Sting" at Herman's Hideaway, Denver, CO, 2015.


"Goddess In Your Pocket" Cafe Istanbul, New Orleans, 2017.




Aural Elixir, Feb. 14, 2014 at the D Note, Arvada, CO. A twist of the Tori Amos song "Liquid Diamonds" sandwiches the song "Move" by Jesse Maclaine from the AE CD Partially Domesticated Amazon: Exposed!. Buy it online from CD Baby, iTunes, LA Music Factory and more. Thanks for listening!




Live from the Louisiana Music Factory, New Orleans, solo Aural Elixir, October 26, 2013.




     The Aural Elixir Piano Ninja Series features live videos of solo piano & vocals at various locations, some official gigs and other unauthorized, "Ninja Style" clips. Due to the impromptu & often secretive nature of this project, please understand that some of the videos will be of lower quality than others. No Ninjas or Pianos will be harmed in the making of these videos. Namaste!

Sweet the Sting (a Tori Amos cover)


Whisperin' Winks

   There are many more live videos of Aural Elixir conveniently located on youtube's Aural Elixir Channel, Thanks for watching!