Anomaly, New Orleans Style

by Aural Elixir

Released 2003 (Remastered & Rereleased 2015)
Holly Earmuffin
Released 2003 (Remastered & Rereleased 2015)
Holly Earmuffin
Aural Elixir's second CD is a groundbreaking, semi-avante-garde mix of pop, rock, folk, funk, roots & New Orleans music. This CD is upbeat, engaging, memorable & defies categorization. Musicians/Singers: Jesse Maclaine, Lynn Drury, Jim Ankar & Dylan Hicks
This second release from Aural Elixir shows their development as songwriters and musicians. True to their eclectic... More > beginnings, "Anomaly" holds gems from many genres including jazz, soul, funk, folk, pop & comedy. The first track is a unique experiment in time, the #2 Song is an instant classic (everybody poops indeed!) and the third song compels the listener to dance along.
The fascinating thing about this album is that each song really tells it's own story. And unlike many of today's current albums each song has a truly distinct sound, that is a signature feature of Aural Elixir. Rich harmonies, enchanting melodies and an inexplicable soothing feeling make this a wonderful cd for the car, at home and at work.
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