December Snow (2013, Partially Domesticated Amazon: Exposed!)

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Aural Elixir: Jesse Maclaine, Andrew Wolf, Johnny Vidacovich
Jesse Maclaine


This Aural Elixir trio features Jesse Maclaine- piano, vocals, Andrew Wolf- bass, Johnny Vidacovich- drums. Recorded live in New Orleans, March 2011 at Word Of Mouth Studios. Find it on Aural Elixir's 2013 CD, Partially Domesticated Amazon: Exposed!!


December snow, won't be melted by December sun
I'm so thankful how you keep me warm.
Rivers of yesterday's loves gone bring my eyes an ocean, an ocean.

Here comes the sun, shy December Soleil
I'll dance a second line like it's Mardi Gras today.
I think of you, thank you, you've been great.
Please don't, don't buy me anything,

Unless you have a way to buy peace or cure some disease;
Make Time to rebuild New Orleans.
I still believe, inside each of us, untapped infinite possibility.

Here comes the sun, bright January Soleil
I could dance a second line with you on Chartres Street baby
I think of you, thank you, you've been great
Please don't, don't worry about anything

Forget how bad everything can seem.
See yourself in a better reality.
You could make it real, you could feel
feel better.

Raphael she's less afraid.
She likes to make a funny face
& dance her cares away every single day.
She says make your wishes bravely,
spread your hope, your love like Gravy!
Like winged siblings we will play
in the bright Febrauary sun,
I think it's Mardi Gras today.
I'm gonna dance a second line where ever I am baby!
I think of you, thank you, yes, you've been great.
Please don't worry about anything.

Please don't worry about anything.