Jesse Maclaine


Love & Grappling

by Aural Elixir

Released 1999
Holly Earmuffin
Released 1999
Holly Earmuffin
This is Aural Elixir's first release, recorded at the historic RCA Studio B, Nashville in 1999. Possibly a result of an existential crisis, this CD is a collection of experimental pop, rock, folk, funk, country, blues and roots music. Thanks Frank Zappa!
Aural Elixir is a lyrical, multi-genre concept born from the rich musical textures of New Orleans. Aural Elixir was created in 1997 by Jesse, an eclectic songstress whose style is somewhat reminiscent of Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, and Thelonious Monk, yet she deftly keeps Aural Elixir evolving and boundless. *These artistic auteurs paint musical pictures both delightfully impressionistic and happily expressionistic* Bunny Matthews, New Orleans Offbeat Magazine
"When I decided I wanted to write music, I knew that my songs would be as varied as my musical tastes. I started seriously learning piano soon after I was introduced to the music of Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald. I grew up singing and song has always been a major part of my day-to-day existence. Then when I heard Frank Zappa I knew that I wanted to model my songwriting style after his. No subject would be too embarrassing, offensive or untouchable and all the while I would continue in the jazz tradition of swing and improvisational space." Jesse
Aural Elixir was created in New Orleans in 1997 by singer-songwriter, pianist Jesse Holt. The goal was to create a musical group that departed from normal boundaries of genre while providing a vehicle for Jesse to express her poetic, stimulating lyrics and unusual vocal style.

On "Love & Grappling," Jesse is accompanied by the wonderfully gifted & talented Jim Ankar (bass,twisted wit & ray gun), the innovative & hilarious Tim Robertson (electric guitar, unfailing optimism), the extraordinary & daring Lynn Drury (vocals, acoustic guitar) and youngest but not least, a swinging-groovemaking monster, Dylan "Sticks" Hicks (drums). All mastered & melded by eclectic engineering genius, Chris Munson.

Jesse was classically trained in piano & voice as a child, and very much surrounded by the music of The Beatles and pop music from the "50's to the present. However, it was the introduction of jazz and the music of both Frank Zappa & Joni Mitchell which caused her to write her first song in 1993.

Aural Elixir is unconfined by categories and so their songs are a melange of moods and messages: funny, serious, sensitive, sarcastic, honest, outraged,soothing, encouraging, insulting, obnoxious, nonsensical or anything! Clever, detailed lyrics bring images and characters whorling through the listeners' mind. Ultimately, it is the complex simplicity and universal messages within her music combined with the pure, intense beauty of her voice which linger on your ears and inspires you to singing and dancing along.

It comes as no suprise to hear songs from "Love & Grappling" played on radio stations worldwide! Most often heard on New Orleans own WWOZ!!!
The story behind Love & Grappling:
Five New Orleans musicians made their way to Nashville in 2 cars & often playing Yahtzee! in the summer of 1999 to record their first CD. Although it was an honor to record in the historic, world-reknowned RCA Studio B (previously used by Dolly Parton and even Elvis, the King himself!) their attitude was all business. They recorded a whole 12-song album in 2 short days.

2001 brought the recording of Anomaly, New Orleans Style, their second CD (and second national tour) with the same lineup as the first (minus Tim Robertson the electric guitarist). That was all very thrilling and dramatic...we'll talk later.

"Anomaly, New Orleans Style," is available in stores and online now!

Currently, Aural Elixir can be found in & around Boulder, Colorado as well as New Orleans, LA in addition to touring nationally & internationally.

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