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A brief collection of memorable audience quotes:

"Beautiful! Great show!" Denver 2018

"Incredible, your voice, the way it wavered on the notes, my heart, I welled up,...I never do that." Denver, 2018

"Sorry I’m gushing but you are so amazing, your voice and the piano - so beautiful and unique, your phrasing is so intricate, and your stage presence is so authentic, I’m in awe." Denver, 2018

"You're obviously very well trained! Singing and playing piano is hard but you do both so well and make it look effortless!" Denver, 2018

"That's my favorite song and you did not disappoint! Loved it!" JP Facebook 

"Awesome concert! I enjoyed your originals and your covers, interesting choices." Wichita, 2018 

"Not just another piano player off the street, she's really good!" Longmont, 2018

Me, "How many more songs should a play?" Audience member, "A million!"

"At first I thought you were doing Tori Amos and Regina Spektor songs but then I realized you were doing your own material too, wow. You've got a great voice and a really interesting mix of originals and covers." RB, Maxline Brewing 2017

"You're amazing!!! You were my favorite act of the night! Wanna do a shot with me?" P. Bartender, Boulder House, Boulder 2017

"Your cover of "Mad World" KILLED."  Sound Guy, Boulder House, Boulder 2017

"You have such a beautiful voice! I just found you on Spotify, I'm going to listen to your songs every day. You are so awesome!" CN, No Name Bar, Boulder, 2017

"Wish my singing sounded sexy like yours." Lyons 2017

"I heard you from across the parking lot and first I was like "Is that Elton John?" and then I heard you sing and thought "Maybe Alicia Keys?" but you're not the radio, you're a real person, wow! You're so great!" AJ, Stone cup 2017

"Your singing makes me feel so hopeful and optimistic, like I can do anything." D. Stella's, Denver 2017

"Dude, you were killing it tonight! It was like Adele was singing in our restaurant!" Staff, Pulcinella's Ciao Vino Wine Bar & Pizzeria, Fort Collins, 2016

"Wow, that last song made me ****." Inebriated fellow who later hit on the drummer and the guitarist. #groupies 

"Are you Aural Elixir? With that cellist? I've heard great things about you, I'm so excited to hear you play tonight!" Ashley, No Name Bar, 2016 

"Wow, your version of 'Wagon Wheel' was amazing, best I've ever heard!" GMS, June 2016

"You have absolutely made my night! Your music was exactly what I needed to hear. I love your original stuff but when you started playing Tori Amos covers, well, you're just awesome. Never stop, seriously, just stay here & play for me forever." Lawyer Lady, Highlands Cork, June 2016

"You sound so much like Jewel. You should tell people that, put it on your website and stuff. Can you believe how much she sounds like Jewel? She's singing and all I hear is Jewel, especially the high notes." Sherpa #2, Earth Day Festival, Estes Park, April 2016.

"Was that your voice? Wow! Sing to me forever." Beer Lover #264, Owsley's Golden Rd., April 2016, Boulder, CO.

"Check out Aural Elixir's music - her piano skills are beautiful and amazing and her voice is just what i need to bring my perspective of life right back to that sweet spot. Colorado peeps, this show has happened, but there will be more! like her page and keep an eye out for her next show! you live close - lucky you." KR Facebook, April 2016.

She's really charming. Let's buy 2 CDs." April 2016, Louisville, CO.

"I've been watching your video of 'Perhaps' all week and I just can't thank you enough, especially for sharing the lyrics. Your song is really helping me through a tough time in my life." April 2016, Greeley, CO.

"I'm so glad to hear you are still making music. I have always had great respect for your music. You are a true artist." PG, Facebook, March 2016.

"You look beautiful & you sound even better." NOLA 2016

"I always find your music very enjoyable. Thanks for playing!" MT, Stone Cup, Lyons, CO, 2015

"You guys are awesome! Your music is perfect!" Golden, 11/2015

"You have such a beautiful voice! Will you sing at my wedding?" CU Boulder, 2015

"I am just a bar band hack but you, You are a true artist. I really like what you are doing with your Aural Elixir music." Guitarist, Vegan, & all around nice guy VF, March 2016.

"I really enjoyed your set. Thank you for blessing us with your voice." New Orleans 11/2015

"So passionate!" New Orleans, 2015

"You have the most amazing voice, thank you for sharing your music." SW, Por Wine 10/2015

"I am so impressed, you are very talented!" Dutch Lady, Por Wine, 10/2015

"Your music is the perfect mix of elegance and grit." Golden, 9/2015

"Thank you for playing tonight, I needed to fall in love with some new music & I have." Golden, 9/2015

"Wow, you wrote that? What a great song!" Golden 9/2015

"Who is that drummer? He's killing it!" (about Ryan Elwood) Golden 9/2015

"You remind me so much of Joni Mitchell, your voice is absolutely gorgeous." Stone Cup 9/2015

"Your version of Janis Joplin's song was better than the original." Stone Cup 9/2015

"I had so much fun fun listening & dancing to your music. You have a beautiful voice. Thanks for playing tonight!" Blonde Lady, Nederland, 5/2015

"You really rock the keys! I really like the way some of your songs are funny and other songs are serious and some songs are like, both. You sing good too. I'm a musician... I know about these things." Some Hippie Guy, Nederland, 5/2015

"I really enjoyed listening to the ups and downs, great flow. This music is so dynamic!" D. L. Nederland, CO 5/2015

"You have such a great voice." Lyons, CO 4/2015

"Goddess of the keys, you radiate love." Balloon man, Longmont Farmers' Market

"Is that Jewel?" "No, she's even better, like Jewel, Tori Amos & Regina Spektor, all rolled into one." Boulder Farmer's Market 2014

"The music was wonderful, you all did an excellent job." Golden Moon Speakeasy, Sept. 2014, Golden, CO

"Your voice sparkles just like your costume." Mardi Gras Leftovers Party, NOLA, 2014

"I love the music & you have a great voice!" F & S, Golden Moon Speakeasy, Sept. 2014

"What a great band, thanks for playing here! I really needed this, your music makes me feel so good. You rock!" G.C. Pioneer Inn, Nederland, Sept. 2014

"You have a very soothing quality about you." September 2014, The Stone Cup, Lyons

"Your style is similar to some of Joni Mitchell's music. I like it a lot." Michelle, Espresso Vino, Louisville, CO, 2014

"We love your music. You can play here anytime." Owner, Cafe Istanbul, NOLA, 2014

"I don't like this song but I love her version of it." Friendly heckler at the Pioneer Inn, 2014, in response to the Radiohead song "Creep"

"You are so good. I was going to leave earlier but I just had to stay and hear your whole set." Owner, R Coffeehouse, Wichita, KS, 2014

"Your music reminds me of The Bad Plus, but less chaotic." Greg, Boulder Farmers market, 2014

"You really made a lovely record." Karl about PDAE, 2014

"Your music helps us heal, thank you for playing." Stone Cup, Lyons, CO after the flood 2013

"I had to put down my camera so I could enjoy being transported by the music. What an experience!" Jerry Moran, NOLA Photographer, 2013

"You sound like Imogen Heap." Tall guy in hat, Amante Walnut, 2014

"I enjoyed your version of Sweet Jane, that was good." Pioneer Inn, 2013

"I love your music. I love you." 10 year old girl, Sun Rose Cafe, 2013

"I have the new CD in my car, it's great. I like a little more every time I hear it." Felicia the painter

"I was wondering how you would pull off some Frank Zappa solo. You really did a great job!" Nyland House Concert, 2014

"Your music is beautiful. " Lilly, 6 year old girl in Golden, CO

"Wow, you guys are really good!" Anonymous hippie, Pioneer Inn, Nederland, CO, May 2014

"You're really good!" almost every gig someone says this in their very most surprised voice. I think it's a funny thing to say. The implications..."I was so sure you would be mediocre at best." LOL. 

"Was that you playing? Wow, I thought you were the radio!" Red Frog, Longmont 2013

"Marry me." Maeby Funke, Fox

"Your music is perfect for this intimate space." Morning Glory Cafe, 2013

"I love what you do, so fresh and unexpected." Megan. Denver, CO, 2013
"Great music and fantastic vocals, much respect." Nectar, band from Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2013

"You've Changed is so lovely. Wonderful tonal colour in your voice." Frank Smith, Sills & Smith, Ontario, Canada, 2013
"You sound just like Carole King." John, Bittersweet, Louisville, 2013
"You remind me of Jewel." Amante 2012 

"Amazing!!!" Seth, Mexico City, 2012

"I love the energy you have on stage, wonderful performance!" Michaelangelo's, Denver 2012

"You should go on American Idol. You are the best singer I have ever heard in Colorado!" Melissa, Chautauqua, Boulder 2005

"Your voice is so beautiful, you sing like an angel. "Tiptina's Sound Engineer, NOLA, 2000

"She plays the space between the black & white keys." NOLA Percussionist at Checkpoint Charlie's 2001

"What kind of music is this?" Japanese Tourists, Nashville Tennessee, RCA Studios 1999


Responses from song commissions:

"I love it." D.R. 2015

"This is a dream come true! Thank you so much for making it a reality!" K.W. 2014

"Amazing work! I can't believe in just a few weeks you created a song for my wedding, this makes me so happy!" A. P. 2014

"Wow, I love the way you took my poem and made it into a song. My fiance and our guests will be delighted!" S. L. 2014  

"You did an amazing job, you really captured the essence of a love song. It's perfect." S. B. 2015


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